Humane Alliance: A Program of the ASPCA


Description: Primary Function:
Responsible for assisting and supporting the staff veterinarians in examining. handling, and treating patients. Responsible for effectively communicating with the general public and those directly related to Pet Helpers to ensure proper health care to animals under the protection of the shelter. Responsible for assisting with surgery.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Calculate and prepare the proper dosage of induction agents and preoperative pain medications used for each patient admitted for surgery
• Record all controlled substances in accordance with state law
• Induce and prepare patients for surgery
• Monitor patients under anesthesia
• Monitor patients recovering from surgery
• Administer vaccines and microchips
• Perform venipuncture and diagnostic laboratory tests, such as heartworm tests and combination tests
• Clean laundry, wash surgery instruments and keep treatment area clean
• Assemble surgical packs
• Assist veterinarian in examining, handling, and treating patients
• Administer first aid treatments and medications to sick and injured animals as directed by the veterinarian as well as provide water and proper diet for all animals in veterinary care
• Perform dental cleanings
• Perform euthanasia when required and directed by the veterinarian
• Handle all animals humanely, properly and with compassion
• Clean cages and care for all animals housed in the clinic
• Monitor status of all patients and communicate changes in status to the veterinarians


Berger, Alan
Organization Name: Pet Helpers
Phone: 843-531-6164
City: Charleston
State: South Carolina