Humane Alliance: A Program of the ASPCA

Humane Alliance gave me some excellent practical surgery exposure in an encouraging environment, with staff that were more than willing to help me learn. The program really showed me what a well-rounded doctor really is. "

Extern Training Overview

We are able to offer veterinary students an educational, hands-on experience that exposes them to the companion animal surgical sterilization process. We focus on the principle that the terms high-volume and high-quality are indeed compatible, as long as the rules of sound medicine and surgery are strictly enforced. This encompasses every aspect of a patient’s experience with us, including disease control, patient assessment and selection, behavior, patient preparation, mechanics of sterile surgical technique, record keeping, anesthetic and pain management protocol, and patient monitoring and support.

Although no stipends are awarded for these positions, dorm-style housing is provided on the premises in Asheville for only $50 per week. Rooms, consisting of four beds, are unisex.

Meet Your Trainers