Humane Alliance: A Program of the ASPCA

Open a Clinic Overview (NSNRT)

The National Spay/Neuter Response Team (NSNRT) is a strategic training program that addresses the urgent need for a skilled and well-organized mentor to help guide other humane organizations in the self-sustaining operation of high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter clinics. We are committed to sharing information and best practices, and proud to have played a small part in what our 140+ mentored clinics have accomplished, creating a network of spay/neuter professionals who foster supportive ties that span the nation.


Are You Ready to Join Us?

With this subsidized ASPCA mentorship program, there is no cost to your organization. Your only expenses will be: raising building purchase/lease funds; paying for any necessary building renovations; collecting reserve funds for your first year of opening; buying start-up equipment and consumables; as well as travel expenses related to your team's visit to Asheville for training. Grants are also available to help with equipment and travel (application required).


Open & Pending NSNRT Clinics

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